David Greg Harth is a New York City based artist working in various media. Many of his projects are time related. One of his current projects is The Holy Bible Project — an important 20-year art work begun April 25, 1997. The art work will be complete on April 25, 2017.

Harth has one Bible that he asks people to sign, and if there is a certain passage they would like to sign, they sign it there, or sign it wherever they would like. [note: Harth is not a religious person]

Harth is not asking for an “autograph.” He is asking for people to participate in the art work. Harth asks such people as musicians, artists, actors, writers, politicians, activists, intellectuals, poets, athletes, pioneers, entrepreneurs, scholars, designers, directors, filmmakers, icons, etc. He will never sell this art work to an autograph collector, but in the future it will be on exhibition in an art gallery and/or art museum.

There are currently over 1,700 participants in The Holy Bible Project. For a list of people who participated in the project, click on the “Participants” link in the navigation menu above.